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libby shoup


In the fall of 2014 I became an empty-nester when our youngest child left home for college and my mind was consumed with what this new stage of life was going to look like. I set two goals for myself: to spend time doing work that made a difference, and for that work to provide a creative outlet for me. I had no idea how all of this would evolve until my husband decided to clean out his closets one day and I discovered my new favorite piece of clothing in his give-away oversized black fleece piece! One day not long after, I looked down at my lovely fleece and thought,…“I’ve got to find something more attractive than this to wear all the time.” That thought led to, “This is it!... my creative business venture!”…. and birdchirp and the popover are what have evolved.


the building of birdchirp


The building of this business from that initial idea forward has become a fun endeavor not just for me, but for our entire family. We have used this experience to research, learn, and experiment with what it takes to get an idea from that initial spark, through production, and out in to the world.

The popover is the first piece in a collection of clothing that is inspired by things I have in my closet that I want to wear all the time…things that are stylishly comfortable and can take you from winding down to all around town.


why birdchirp?

 Oh, and why the name birdchirp? Our family has a long tradition of enjoying everything about the outdoors, and I wanted a name for my business that reflected that passion. I was on a walk with our dog, Belle, one morning and the only noise I heard was the amazing, entertaining sound of birds chirping away. Thus, the inspiration for the name birdchirp.  I liked the way the name sounded and I like all the memories of wonderful family times that it awakens for me.

A portion of each sale will be donated to provide assistance to those in need. For more information click here